Dear Students,

As a member of the Buffalo State Community you are a part of an exciting and vibrant world.  With so many opportunities and experiences that are available, you will be faced with choices each and every day.  The choices you make here at Buffalo State will help to shape your future, whether in or out of the classroom.  During your time here I encourage you all to be wise and thoughtful about the choices you make and reflect on how those choices affect not only your experience at Buffalo State, but your peers as well.

If you have a question about policies or rules please do not hesitate to contact my office.  The Office of Judicial Affairs is here not only as a means of dealing with student conduct, but to provide educational opportunities for all students. 

If you are unsure of something please feel free to ask.  Remember that you are now a part of the Buffalo State family, and your actions impact all those around you.  Be a Safe and Responsible Bengal!


Latonia Marsh, J.D
Director of Judicial Affairs