Statement of Jurisdiction

Buffalo State reserves the right to adjuicate cases invloving students who violate college policy, as well as local, state or federal statues while on college property, while attending college-sponsored activities, or off campus where a definite, legitimate and substantial college interest exists.  This includes incidents that occur off campus.  Buffalo State has origional jurisdiction in matters concerning infractions and violations of the Code of Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities. 

Statement Regarding Double Jepordy

Diciplinary actions and procedures taken by the College are administrative in nature and a result of the violation of college policy.  Issues handled by civil/criminal courts that also may have an impact on the College may be heard by the Office of Judicial Affairs without infringing on Constitutional rights. 

Enforcement of the College's rules and regulations does not constitute "Double Jepordy", even when students are charged with violations of local, state, or federal laws as well as with violation of college policy.  Students can still be found responsible for a Code violation if the case was dismissed or an innocent verdict was delivered. 

Note:  The College Judicial System and the Office of Judicial Affairs are not bound by the technical and formal rules of evidence.  The College Judicial process is non-advisarial.