Complaints/incidents filed with the Office of Judicial Affairs are reviewed and processed daily.  All reports need to be completed in as much detail as possible.  If there are any issues or questions please call 716-878-3051 or email

Judicial Affairs Online Complaint/Incident Report Form- instantly submitted to the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Judicial Affairs Paper Complaint/Incident Report Form- must by typed and turned into the Office of Judicial Affairs.

By submitting this form you acknowledge that all of the information submitted is true and accurate. Submission of false information may result in the dismissal of this complaint, and possible college/criminal charges being filed against the person (s) sumitting this complaint.

All complainants should be aware that the accused student(s) will receive a copy of the complaint filed against them, including the name of the person submitting this form.

Complainants should be aware that they may be contacted by the Office of Judicial Affairs to provide additional information, attend meetings with the Director of Judicial Affairs or designee, or to appear at a College Judicial Hearing if necessary. The Office of Judicial Affairs retains the right to determine if the College has jurisdiction over an event or student depending on the specifics of the incident.

Cases may be dismissed by the Office of Judicial Affairs if there is no evidence to substantiate that the Code of Conduct has been violated, or if the incident has no legitimate nexus to Buffalo State College.