Program Overview:

Community service is assigned to students as a way of providing them the opportunity to give back to the campus in a meaningful way, while providing the student a safe atmosphere in which to learn and reflect upon their decisions and actions.  Students may be assigned up to forty (40) hours of community service per violation of the Code. 

The Office of Judicial Affairs partners with a number of offices and organizations on and off campus to provide community service opportunities for sanctioned students.  For more information about possible community service site locations, or if you are interested in becoming a community service partner please call or visit the Office of Judicial Affairs. 

If you have been sanctioned by a Judicial Affairs staff member to complete community service hours please click here to complete and submit your community service log.

Community Service Expectations:

Sanctioned students understand that they are expected to show up on time and in person to all mandated service hours.  Community service hours must be completed on time and in person by the due date assigned, unless otherwise stated in writing by the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Sanctioned students understand that they are expected to attend their service promptly, and maintain a respectful attitude at all times.  Sanctioned students must agree to comply with all rules and expectations of my community service site supervisor or designee for the duration of their service.   If for any reason they do not comply with the expectation of the Office of Judicial Affairs or the community service site supervisor they understand that they may be charged for further violations of the College Code of Student rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities, and they accept that they may face increased sanctions. 

Sanctioned students understand that if their service hours are not completed on time and to satisfaction that may they be charged with C.1 of the Code for “Failure to comply” with a directive of a College Official and may face increased sanctions.

In the event that there is a need to change the community service site then an appointment must be made with the Office of Judicial Affairs to discuss the matter.  Sanctioned students understand that they are expected to attend all assigned service hours until and unless otherwise directed by the Office of Judicial Affairs.  Community Service completed before this assignment, or completed as a part of a class assignment, organization, or court order shall not be counted towards the completion of sanctioned hours. 

Community Service Log for Santioned Students: All students sanctioned to complete community service must log their hours by clicking on the link and filling out the Community Service Log form.  All hours will be verified by the Office of Judicial Affairs.  Any hours falsely reported will be casue for a hold to be placed on your records, and increased sanctioning.  If there are any questions, concern, or issues please contact the Office of Judicial Affairs via or call us at 716-878-3051.