The Office of Judicial Affairs ensures that all Buffalo State students are informed of their rights to:

  • Notice- Students have the right to be informed of any complaint or charge filed against them.  Students will be informed of the complaint via email or USPS.  The notice will include a copy of the complaint and the alleged violation(s) of the Code they face.
  • Hearing- Students have the right to have their case heard by the College Judicial Board, consisting of Faculty, Staff, and fellow Students.  Hearings will be scheduled according to the requirements in the Code.
  • Advocate- Students have the right to an advocate to help them through the judicial process.  Advocates may be present at any meeting between the student and the Office of Judicial Affairs, including hearings.  Advocates serve as a support system for students and help them to prepare their case.  Advocates do not represent students in hearings.  For moire information regarding the "Advocate" role, please consult the Code.
  • Wittnesses- Students have the right to bring wittnesses to meetings/hearings.  Wittness testimony will only be considered if that person was present during the incident at hand.  Character wittness testimony may be considered at the discretion of the Office of Judicial Affairs or by the College Judicial Board. 
  • Appeal- Students who case is heard by the College Judicial Board have the right to appeal their decision to the College Appeals Board if they choose.  Students who sign an administrative agreement waive their rights to appeal.  Appeals must be based on one of the following criteria:
    • New Information- if there is new and credible information regarding your case that you believe would impact the finding of the College Judicial Board you may appeal on these grounds;
    • Procedural Error- if you believe that there was an error in the judicial process (as outlined in the Code) or the violations you were accused of were incorrect then you may appeal on these grounds;
    • Unreasonable Sanctions- if you believe that the sanctions that were assigned to you were unfair or too harsh based on the violation you were found respsonsible for you may appeal on these grounds.

For more information about specfic rights and other protections afforded to students please consult the Code of Student Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities or contact the Office of Judicial Affairs.