Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award

Why would you want to apply for this award?

Once you’ve decided to apply, what are some tips for completing the application form?


Here are some of the benefits of being including in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges:

* It is an honor that you can include on your resume and applications for jobs, internships, and        


* This is a national award that is universally recognized and highly regarded.

* You will receive a certificate at a campus ceremony in the spring.

* You are entitled to use a free reference/placement service.

* You must be selected by a panel of faculty and staff from the college; individuals cannot apply directly.    

  This makes the award more selective and adds credibility to your credentials.

* The award evaluates specific criteria of scholarship, experience, leadership and service. As a result,

   receiving the award serves as a reference for you in these categories.

* The application process is a good experience in learning how to effectively present yourself to others,

   highlighting your accomplishments in and out of the classroom.

Some tips for completing the application:

* Review the criteria for applicants to make sure that you qualify.  If you have any questions contact the

   Dean of Students Office at 716-878-4618.

* Be sure to complete all information requested.

* Your resume should be up-to-date and include your most recent activities, employment, etc.

* Make your statement of achievement stand out from others.  Rather than just listing what you have

   been involved in, talk about why you chose to be involved in this particular activity and what you  

   accomplished.  For example, discuss what you learned and what you contributed to an organization

   rather than only noting membership. If you have been involved in many things, highlight the most

   meaningful and just list the others.   Content, not simply length is what is being evaluated.

* Don’t exaggerate but don’t be overly modest either.  You are putting your best foot forward.

* Make it easy for evaluators to read your application.  Write neatly or type.  Have someone proof read

   it for you. While grammar, spelling and sentence structure are not being judged, a well presented

   application is appreciated.  It is a bit like wearing a suit to an interview.  It makes a good first


* Apply!  What do you have to lose?  As they say, “Don’t say no to yourself.”

Prepared by the Student Leadership Awards Committee

Fall, 2013