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A non-refundable fee is required at the time you submit your application. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of application acceptance or placement.

Each institution selects its own outgoing candidates for exchange. For minimum NSE requirements for participation see Eligibility. Home and host campuses, however, may impose additional criteria for exchange partipation.

NSE participation is a privilege, not a right. Your campus has designed an application and selection procedure to ensure that both NSE and campus standards are met. It is likely that you will be expected to provide a current transcript, letters of recommendation, goal statements for your exchange, and basic biographic data. The application is processed at your home campus and may require a personal interview. Consult your NSE coordinator for details concerning the process and application deadlines on your campus.

Once selected and placed by the home campus, NSE applicants generally are not subjected to a further selection process by their host campuses unless the students have chosen academic programs requiring auditions, portfolios, or higher gpa than required by the sending campus. Information on requirements of this nature are available in the appropriate college catalog, in the campus narratives in the Directory, and from the host campus coordinator. Carefully review program requirements and limitations in the narrative section of the Directory prior to submitting an application.

"My exchange experience taught me that life itself is like a classroom in which we must invest ourselves completely…in all circumstances and experiences."

Ashley Golder
University of New Hampshire
to Humboldt State University


Special program options (such as study abroad, internships, student teaching, and resident assistant exchange) must be explored with your home coordinator eight to ten months prior to the actual exchange. These options require advanced planning, special arrangements, and, in some cases, additional application materials. Students who have physical challenges, learning disabilities, or medical conditions are encouraged to identify themselves at the time of application for assistance in selecting an exchange site that can best meet their needs. (see Special Needs).


It is important that you explore your exchange participation very carefully prior to actual placement. Select only campuses to which you are willing to exchange including those which may be second or greater choices. Ensure that you have adequate answers to the Questions raised concerning exchange. Explore exchange participation, including financial resources, with your parents, academic advisor, and financial aid officer prior to placement, not after.

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Students -> Application

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