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Students apply for exchange through the NSE coordinator at their home college or university. Most campuses require an application process that includes a non-refundable application fee, a current transcript, letters of recommendation, goal statements, biographical data, and a personal interview. Students select the colleges and universities they would consider for exchange as well as identify the tuition payment plan (A or B) under which they would participate. The home campus determines the student's eligibility and works with the NSE coordinators at potential host campuses to attempt a placement. Most campuses require that the application processes be completed by mid-February for placements to be made in March for the following academic year. Your home campus NSE office sets the application deadline for your university.


Most placements are made through the in-person negotiation of home and host coordinators at NSE's annual conference in early March. Annually 97% of the applicants are placed at one of their campus choices. Additional placements may be secured outside of this timeframe with the agreement of both home and host campus coordinators. Placement probabilities are governed by the number of openings at an institution and the number of students seeking that location.

"Our students return with a wider perspective, a greater appreciation of what our campus has to offer, and what the rest of the U.S. has to offer. Their world no longer begins and ends within a 60-mile radius."

Barbara Fletcher, NSE Coordinator
Stony Brook University

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Students -> Application and Placement

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