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Maine: March 2011

Program Coordination

Member institutions appoint a staff member to serve as the administrative link with the other member campuses and the NSE Central Office. On many campuses, an administrator or staff member may serve as NSE coordinator with assistance provided by a secretary, work-study employee, student assistant, or graduate intern. Time required for NSE coordination will vary from 10% to 20% with peaks and valleys of exchange-related activities. The size of the campus, the other administrative responsibilities of the NSE coordinator, and the ability to utilize support personnel will affect the time actually needed to manage the program.

NSE Coordinators come from a wide variety of offices on member campuses, including: study abroad, honors programs, academic advising, enrollment management, student activities or development, special programs, academic affairs, or multicultural programs. NSE coordinators work with students and the institutional processes in much the same way as those individuals who manage study abroad programs.

Operating Costs

Operational costs are minimal with most campuses fitting NSE into an existing administrative office budget. Additional funds may be needed in some offices to promote the program.

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is $750. For that fee, member campuses receive an ample supply of the NSE Directory, the primary information document used in working with students, and posters that can be used in promoting the program. Members receive on-site training, a detailed procedural handbook, directory of campus coordinators, periodic newsletter, other publications to support the exchange process, NSE Central Office assistance, an e-mail ListServ, a dedicated coordinator website, and a mentoring program for new coordinators.

Student Application Fee

Each student applying for exchange pays to the National Student Exchange an application fee of $125. The average application fee assessed to NSE applicants by member campuses is $175. The balance of the fee is used to support the campus NSE program.

Site Visit

Colleges and universities applying for membership in the National Student Exchange must be able to demonstrate, during an on-site visit conducted by NSE's president or vice-president, its ability to operate within NSE administrative guidelines as well as an ability and willingness to accommodate students in a satisfactory manner. Applying campuses pay the travel-related cost of the NSE staff person and a one-time application fee of $300.

Conference Expenses

Each March, NSE holds its placement conference. The coordinator's attendance at the conference is a requirement of NSE membership since the vast majority of students are placed in that venue for exchanges in the subsequent academic year. In-service training, panel presentations, and consortium business are also conducted at the conference.

"Students return from NSE with a new perspective on life and with new ambitions and goals for themselves. NSE seems to be a stepping-stone for many students who study abroad later in their academic careers as well."

Shaya Straw
Former NSE and Study Abroad Coordinator
Northern Arizona University

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Prospective Campuses -> Costs of Membership

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