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You are expected to attend the orientation scheduled by your host NSE coordinator. The orientation will familiarize you with the host institution as well as introduce you to other NSE participants. If you arrive ahead of an orientation or one is not scheduled, take time to immediately introduce yourself to your NSE coordinator. This individual is familiar with university policies and procedures and is the first person you should contact if issues arise while on exchange. If the coordinator is unable to assist, this individual will know the appropriate personnel to address your questions or concerns. Upon arrival, you should give your mailing address, phone, e-mail address, and emergency contact to both host and home campus NSE coordinators.


Some students may experience difficulty in adjusting to their new academic, social, and/or regional environment. You may experience home-sickness, isolation, and disillusionment. This mental, physical, and emotional adjustment to living in a new place is referred to as culture shock. This occurs because, unconsciously, you may expect other people and situations to be just like back home. Inevitably something in your new environment will not fit a frame of reference and wonít be fully comprehended or liked. Sometimes trivial differences become the most grating and may be blown out of proportion. Keep in mind that initial discomfort is a normal part of adjusting to a new living and learning environment. Share your feelings with other exchange participants, keep an open mind, be flexible, get involved in activities, and look at the experience as a mind-stretching process that will increase your understanding of your host setting and of yourself. If you continue to feel uncomfortable in your new setting, contact your NSE coordinator for assistance.


Your home and host coordinators will inform you of the gpa you will be required to retain in order to remain eligible to continue in the NSE program from one term to the next. These requirements may be different between your home and host institutions. The requirement may also be different from your host or home institutionís normal academic retention standards. It is your responsibility to know what will be expected of you as an NSE participant to maintain program eligibility. In addition to maintaining a required gpa, you must also be enrolled full-time while at the host campus. Students not maintaining full-time enrollment and/or the required gpa will have their exchanges cancelled by either the home or host institution. Further action may also be taken by the home and host campuses.


While on exchange, you are governed by the Conditions of Placement as outlined on the Placement Acceptance Form you signed. Furthermore, you are governed by the rules and regulations of your host college or university. These regulations may be different than those of your home campus. You will be subject to academic standards; residence hall rules, regulations, and contractual obligations; financial obligations and payment deadlines; course registration and withdrawal schedules; and codes of social/behavioral conduct. Information on university rules and regulations may be found in the university catalog, schedule of classes, student handbook, campus Web site, and other information as provided by the host campus and your host NSE coordinator. It is your responsibility to know host campus rules and regulations and abide by them. Students who are in violation of host campus policies should expect the same consequences or disciplinary action as students who are native to the host campus. Further action, including cancellation of your exchange, may also be taken.


While on exchange, you are responsible for acting prudently and exercising caution and common sense at all times. Take time to learn about your new environment and familiarize yourself with campus and neighborhood surroundings. Heed the safety advice provided by your host campus coordinator, residence life staff, and others familiar with your environment. Inform your parents, guardians, spouse, or significant other of how to reach you and your NSE coordinator. Maintain regular contact with those back home.


If an extreme weather (e.g., hurricane, flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.) or other emergency situation arises while you are on exchange, follow the instructions provided by your NSE coordinator and the appropriate safety and student services personnel on your host campus. Advise your parents, guardians, spouse, or significant other of the nature of the emergency and periodically reassure them of your safety.


You are expected to pay tuition, fees, room, meals, and other financial obligations in accordance with stated home and host campus deadlines. Failure to make full payment of all required fees or to resolve other debts to the home or host institution will result in the cancellation of your exchange. Until all outstanding financial obligations have been paid, your host campus will not release a transcript; and your home university will not permit re-enrollment, issue a transcript, or award a diploma. Home and host campuses work together to resolve outstanding financial obligations.


At the conclusion of your exchange, it is your responsibility to request that an official transcript be sent to your home campus. Posting of the host campus work on your home campus permanent record completes your exchange agreement. If a transcript is not sent to your home campus, your permanent record at the home campus is incomplete with consequences which may affect graduation and requests for future home campus transcripts.

"Our students return with a wider perspective, a greater appreciation of what our campus has to offer, and what the rest of the country has to offer. Their world no longer begins and ends within a 60-mile radius."

Barbara Fletcher
NSE Coordinator and Director of Scholarships
Stony Brook University

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Students -> During Exchange

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