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Additional information about the National Student Exchange is available from the NSE coordinator at member colleges and universities. Contact the NSE office on your home campus for information on the program, in general, as well as application procedures and deadlines. The location of the NSE office on your campus can be found in this list of NSE member campuses. Do not contact the host campus for information.
The NSE Central office can be reached through an e-mail message to or by phone at (716) 878-4328 anytime between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.
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"It is extremely rewarding to be associated with students who don't want to settle for the 'status quo', but instead opt to try something new."
Nancy Bramhall, NSE Coordinator
University of Northern Iowa
"Given the rural backgrounds of many University of Wyoming students, the NSE program provides special academic opportunities and personal experiences for students as they access colleges and universities outside the Rocky Mountain Region. At the same time, incoming NSE students bring diversity and unique perspectives to the campus. Everyone seems to benefit from an association with the National Student Exchange program."
Dennis Dreher, NSE Coordinator
University of Wyoming
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