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Maine: March 2011


The National Student Exchange is a not-for-profit, tuition-reciprocal consortium which provides affordable inter-institutional study away opportunities for students enrolled at its member campuses. NSE membership includes nearly 200 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U. S. Virgin Islands. NSE has provided exchange opportunities to more than 94,000 students since its founding in 1968.

National Student Exchange provides to its member institutions:

  • Access to the extensive array of courses, programs, internships, and research options of member universities
  • Possibilities for curriculum sharing and joint program development among consortium members
  • Off-campus experience that enhances student learning
  • Links to international programs in more than 40 countries
  • Value-added program options for the campus
  • Exchange among university honors and residence life programs
  • Enhancement of recruitment and retention initiatives
  • Wide range of multicultural opportunities
  • Study away option that integrates into the global mission of the campus
Features of the National Student Exchange include:
  • Tuition reciprocity
  • Financial aid portability
  • Multilateral placements
  • On-campus orientation and training
  • Web-based placement process
  • Strong support structure
  • Extensive web resources for coordinators, students, advisors, faculty, and family
  • High student satisfaction

"NSE has opened countless doors for our students. Iíve watched our outbound students return from exchange with newly inspired levels of confidence, maturity, and the ability to navigate new systems and cultures."

Cathy Cuthbertson
Director of Career Services
New College of Florida

For many students, compatibility with academic and career goals is more easily achieved within the United States and Canada than studying abroad. NSE students access new academic options, immerse themselves in a different environment, search for graduate schools or future employment, acquire life skills, experience life from a different point of view, and expand their personal and educational perspectives.

NSE students have found their exchanges culturally enriching, academically rewarding, and one of the most significant experiences in their undergraduate education. They frequently return from exchange with more self-confidence and independence; greater decision-making skills; enhanced ability to adapt to new environments and challenges; and an appreciation for diverse people, ideas and cultures. NSE participation has helped students more clearly define academic, career, and personal goals and has given them a competitive edge for graduate school and employment opportunities.

"Our students return to Stony Brook with a wider perspective, a greater appreciation of what our campus has to offer, and what the United States has to offer. Their world no longer begins and ends within a 60-mile radius."

Barbara Fletcher
NSE Coordinator and Director of Scholarships
Stony Brook University

LOCATION: Home -> Details About Joining NSE

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