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More than 25 years ago, one of the students participating in the National Student Exchange referred to NSE as a "mind stretcher in terms of both academic and personal experiences." He called NSE "... an opportunity to refresh your whole life in a new environment, and see new wonders about yourself and others. It's what life should be -- a continuum of new and fresh learning, deepening appreciations, and widening horizons."
Imagine the opportunities available when accessing courses and programs from NSE's 177 member campuses. Think of the adventure, the untold diversity of people, the culture, and the geography among the 49 states, District of Columbia, 3 territories, and 4 Canadian provinces where NSE has member colleges and universities. Consider the impact on your personal and academic growth, the implications for your future, and the satisfaction of achievement.
That is the National Student Exchange.
Quality service to students and universities since 1968.
If you are currently enrolled at a NSE member college or university you may qualify to be one of the 4500 students who will participate next year. Look at the list of NSE campus offices to see if your campus is a NSE member. If it is, you will see listed the location of the office on your campus that administers the program. That office will have detailed information on how the program works, eligibility criteria, and how to apply for exchange. For students looking for exchange to and from Canadian universities, look at Canadian Partners for participating campuses.
If your college or university is not listed, you may want to bring the program to the attention of the appropriate administrative officers on your campus. One section of this site provides Information for Prospective Member Campuses. Interested four-year, accredited colleges or universities in the United States or Canada must apply and be accepted by NSE to be a member of the program.
Let NSE widen your horizons, stretch the limits of your imagination, and expand the boundaries of your university.
"The depth of possible experiences for the students is unbelievable and enviable, and the litany of testimonies proclaiming the 'best thing' I have ever done are endless. Students tell me they are more aware of the 'differences' and are more ready to understand other views. As a campus coordinator, the National Student Exchange has become the expression of my life; I feel rewarded beyond measure."

James Luyirika-Sewagudde, Jr., NSE Coordinator
California State University, Chico

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