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Maine: March 2011

Membership Obligations

NSE members are expected to comply with the NSE Terms of Participation and the Principles of Professional Practice for NSE Coordinators in the management and administration of their campus NSE programs. NSE provides detailed instructions on program administration and procedures in its Handbook which is complimented by a month-by-month Timeline for campus exchange activities.

Campus Coordinator

Member institutions appoint a staff member to serve as the administrative link with the other member campuses and the NSE Central Office. NSE Coordinators come from a wide variety of offices on member campuses, including: study abroad, honors programs, academic advising, enrollment management, student activities or development, special programs, academic affairs, or multicultural programs. NSE coordinators work with students and the institutional processes in much the same way as those individuals who manage study abroad programs. As the link between NSE and the campus, the coordinator is the key to having a successful program. Depending on the size of the campus and the number of participants, the position takes from 10% to 20% of a person's time.

NSE Coordinators are responsible for:

  • Administering the NSE program in accordance with the policies and procedures detailed in the NSE Handbook
  • Serving as a liaison with campus administrative and academic personnel
  • Promoting the program
  • Helping students explore how NSE fits with personal and academic goals
  • Processing incoming and outgoing students
  • Attending the annual placement conference
  • Negotiating placements
  • Ensuring that students have completed advising agreements
  • Informing students of procedures related to financial aid application and disbursement
  • Orienting incoming exchange students
  • Assisting returning students with re-entry

Annual Placement Conference

Each March, NSE holds its placement conference. The coordinator's attendance at the conference is a requirement of NSE membership since the vast majority of students are placed in that venue for exchanges in the subsequent academic year. In-service training, panel presentations, and consortium business are also conducted at the conference.

"NSE has been a model of organization and professional standard that I strive for in my own office."

Geraldine Auel
NSE and Study Abroad Coordinator
Oklahoma State University

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Prospective Campuses -> Obligations of Membership

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