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When you go on exchange you will be able to take advantage of most courses, programs, facilities, and opportunities that are available to other students on the host campus. A campus may choose to close some options if they are having a difficult time serving their own students or if it would disadvantage an incoming student because of prerequisite requirements, or because of state or local restrictions.
In most situations NSE opens the doors to countless opportunities for students that would otherwise not be available. For most students, going through the regular campus application and placement process is all that is necessary. There are, however, a number of special circumstances that require prior arrangements to be made because of the necessity of specific requirements, application procedures. or other limitations on participation.
Program Options
Direct access to study abroad and participation in resident assistant exchange require an additional application process that must be completed months in advance of placement. Students planning internships, student teaching, cooperative programs or entering host honors programs must work with their coordinator in advance to make sure they can be accommodated on the host campus.
Special Needs
If you have a physical condition for which accessible, on-campus housing or classroom accommodation might be needed; a documented disability which may require academic accommodation (e.g., notetakers, taped texts); a medical condition which might require immediate attention during exchange; or a condition which might affect emotional or mental well-being during exchange, you must consider if the environment and support services at your prospective campus will be able to meet your needs. Your home campus coordinator is better able to assist you if advised of your needs during the application process. Self-identification and documentation following placement (and at least two months prior to your actual exchange) is necessary in order for your host institution to address your needs.
Situations needing advanced communication include:
  • Study abroad
  • Resident assistant exchange
  • Internships and field studies
  • Student teaching
  • Honors programs
  • Students with physical challenges
  • Students with learning disabilities
There are four NSE options in which not all campuses participate. The following links will provide you with current information regarding participation and access.
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