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Approximately 80 percent of the requests for exchange are negotiated at the annual National Student Exchange conference held by mid-March. Prior to the conference, each NSE coordinator will have made eligibility decisions on their outgoing applicants and entered them into a database. At the conference, your placement request will be considered by your potential host campuses in the order in which you selected them. That is, a decision will first be made by the campus that was your first choice and, if necessary, by each succeeding choice. Once a campus has accepted you, no consideration will be given by the additional campus choices.

Your coordinator has placement history and individual campus placement statistics to assist you in making campus selections that will provide the best probability of placement at your preferred choices. To improve the probability for placement, you are advised to select at least three campus choices. Choosing at least one open campus (will accept all qualified applicants) on the payment plan on which you can participate will ensure a placement.

Placement acceptances are made according to the openness of the respective tuition payment plans of the host institutions. Campuses which list themselves in the NSE Directory as open will accept all qualified applicants. Institutions listed as uneven will accept a few more incoming students than the number of their outgoing applicants who are placed. Those listed as even will accept incoming applicants not to exceed the number of their own outgoing applicants who are placed. Some campuses will accept students only from those campuses at which their own students are placed (1:1).

Except for those campuses which can accept all eligible applicants (open), NSE coordinators vary in the ways in which they accept students to achieve balances with their outgoing NSE student population. There are no guarantees of acceptance. And…you will be accepted by only one institution. If your first choice campus is not able to accept you, your placement request will then be considered by the institution of your second choice and then by your third, and so on. Approximately 95 percent of all NSE Conference applicants are placed with 80 percent at their first choice colleges or universities.

If none of your campus choices can accept you, you can work with your home NSE coordinator to explore a post-conference placement.


Placements made after the March conference are referred to as post-conference placements. As a general rule, post-conference placements for the fall are not made after June 1 and those for spring must be negotiated prior to November 1. The willingness to accept applications for outgoing post-conference placements and/or the ability to accept incoming post-conference placements are campus-specific decisions with campus-specific deadlines. There is no uniformity in these deadlines.

Post-conference incoming placements are also governed by the availability of such placements at member campuses which is greatly reduced after the March conference. At least one-half of the NSE member colleges and universities will be closed to additional incoming placements at the end of the March conference. Your home NSE coordinator will have a list of campuses that will accept post-conference placements. As before, you will want to ensure that the campus you select meets your academic, financial, and personal needs prior to your coordinator requesting a placement on your behalf.

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Students -> Placement

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