After Placement
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Placement Acceptance
A signed Placement Acceptance Form confirms the student's commitment to exchange and agreement to abide by the conditions for exchange. You may wish to examine a sample of the Placement Acceptance Form as you are considering exchange. Upon receipt of the form from the home campus coordinator, the host campus sends necessary materials for admission, registration and housing which must be completed by stated deadlines. At the end of the term preceding your exchange, you must have maintained all eligibility requirements applicable at the time of your application.
Financial Aid
Once you receive your Student Aid Report (SAR), you must provide to the financial aid office awarding your financial aid a copy of the SAR and an estimate of your budget for the period of exchange. Budget information for each campus can be obtained from the home campus NSE coordinator or from this web site (See Campus Budget Estimates). Budget sheets must be submitted to the financial aid office from which aid will be disbursed (home campus for Plan B, host campus for Plan A).
Registration in courses at the host campus is based on availability and cannot be guaranteed. Students must also meet all course pre-requisites. Your host campus may require a copy of your home campus transcript to make sure that all course prerequisites have been met. Each campus determines when incoming students will register for courses. That and other information regarding the host campus can be found in Campus Detail Information.
Advising Agreement
Every student must complete an agreement with their home campus regarding how the courses taken on exchange will be applied to the home academic program. Flexibility is essential. It is important that all courses that might be taken on exchange be listed in writing and written approval obtained with a determination of how they will fit back into the home campus academic program. If written approval is not obtained prior to going on exchange, there is no guarantee that courses taken on exchange will count toward graduation.

"Eyes dancing with excitement, a tenseness relaxed, immaturity turned into maturity, a vision for the future more focused, horizons widened, a growth in self-assurance, an increased eagerness for new challenges. These are reflections of returning NSE students."
Norma Ashbrook, NSE Coordinator
Illinois State University
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