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For More Information

With so many attractive and diverse colleges and universities, the major problem for you will be deciding which ones best fit your needs and interests. Each campus has a coordinator who can help make the selection process more comfortable.

There are several resources to assist in that process.

  • NSE Directory of Exchange Opportunities (available in your home campus NSE office)
    The NSE Directory contains information on the campuses and their locations. It provides details on restrictions, special options, lists of available majors, and current year costs for tuition/fees and room/meals. You should anticipate annual tuition increases of 5-15%, and room/meals increases of 5-10%.
  • College catalogs, videos, CD's and other public relations materials (available in your home campus NSE office)
  • College catalogs (on-line links to the catalogs of NSE member campuses)
  • Undergraduate majors available to incoming exchange students
  • World Wide Web home pages of the campuses and regions (See: Member Campus Links)
  • Academic advisors and other faculty
  • Parents or other significant family members
  • Former NSE students
  • Questions on page 10 of the NSE Directory of Exchange Opportunities
If you are considering exchange to Puerto Rico, you may find the information in NSE in Puerto Rico a help in distinguishing among the campuses.

"NSE is the ultimate college experience. Going away not only creates a sense of independence, but every door of life is opened -- culturally, academically, and socially."

Michelle Ankenbauer
SUNY College at Buffalo
to the University of South Carolina

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Students -> Selecting A Campus

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