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Maine: March 2011

Consider the following reasons for joining the National Student Exchange:

Bridging the Exchange Gap

Many campuses offer their students local and regional cross-registration opportunities; intra-state visiting student programs, and international study options. Few offer opportunities for exchanges which are closer to home. The National Student Exchange bridges that gap between local and international study experiences. NSE offers students away options which allow your students to see new places, meet new people, and learn in new academic settings, thereby preparing them to live and work in a culturally-diverse society.

Sharing Institutional Resources

In this amazing, fast-paced and quick-changing world, higher education is faced with the necessity of trying to provide for the diverse needs of our students. Sharing resources is becoming common place and will certainly increase in the future. Through NSE, students have access to the classes, professors, programs, laboratories, study abroad options, technologies, and environments far beyond the capability of any single campus. The combined resources of campuses across the United States are serving your needs and the needs of your students.

Relevant, Quality Education

We have increasingly become a consumer oriented society. Colleges and universities are being called on to be more relevant and to keep up-to-date with technology. How can we do it? A single campus can no longer meet the needs of all of its students. Through NSE, students can study for up to one year on a campus that most appropriately meets their needs.

Low Cost/High Satisfaction

There are few programs that have such low cost, but with such a high degree of student and parent satisfaction. In addition, NSE is a good recruiting tool, helpful in retention, enriching in academic program, and personally satisfying.

Diverse Exchange Settings

The NSE family includes a group of colleges and universities diverse in size, setting, ethnicity, academic programs, and mission. NSE memberships include:

  • Canadian colleges and universities
  • Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC)
  • Hispanic-serving colleges and universities
  • Historically Black colleges and universities
  • Independent/private colleges and universities
  • Land-grant universities
  • Polytechnic universities
  • Public liberal arts colleges
  • Sea-grant universities
  • Space-grant universities
  • Sun-grant universities
  • Urban universities

Course and Program Access

If a campus thought of NSE as adding a large number of branch campuses for their students, it would be a fair picture of the usefulness of the program for a campus. An NSE member has access to international programs, honors programs, and thousands of courses, and other options. Some campuses have developed programmatic relationships with other campuses to take advantage of the program offerings available.

"NSE is important to our campus because it offers our students unbelievable opportunities to grow, learn, try, expand, trust, and explore."

Shalini Suryanarayana
NSE Coordinator and Director of Special Academic Programs
Michigan Technological University

LOCATION: Home -> Information for Prospective Campuses -> Why Join NSE?

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