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Students who participate in NSE find that exchange places them in life-changing situations which challenge their thinking, expand their educational and personal experiences, and encourage them to take risks and reap the rewards of doing so. Each year 4500 students are placed by NSE member campuses. These students continue to make progress toward home campus degree programs while studying in new places, meeting new people, and enrolling in specialized courses or unique academic options which may not be available on their home campuses. You can join the more than 70,000 students who have benefited by the NSE experience.
The National Student Exchange was founded as a counterpart to study abroad programs, recognizing that not every student is ready for a study opportunity outside their own country. Language, cost, and program compatibility are some of the reasons why students may not consider study abroad. Exchange within the United States and Canada removes those obstacles.
NSE provides:
  • Low-cost options to study in another state or province for up to one full year.
  • Ethnically diverse campuses.
  • High degree of program compatibility.
There are many other reasons for exchanging through NSE.
  • Take courses not offered at home.
  • Learn from different professors.
  • Utilize new as well as different resources and technologies.
  • Access courses with a different perspective.
  • Explore new areas of study.
  • Experience personal growth.
  • Live in a different area.
  • Investigate graduate and professional schools.
  • Look for future job opportunities.
  • Become more independent and resourceful.
You are probably investigating exchange possibilities for a combination of reasons. Whatever they are, it is likely that the National Student Exchange can help you achieve your goals. Recent survey data show the nature and interests of students who chose to use NSE to meet their educational and personal goals.

"NSE challenged me to become more independent and aggressive. I had to learn to adapt to new people and new places. NSE was one way I was able to prove to myself and to future employers that I was responsible and capable."

Kimberly Seidel, Sales Manager
Red Lion Hotel Lloyd Center (Portland, Oregon)
Portland State University
to the University of Massachusettes at Amherst
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