Process for Obtaining Accommodation Letters for Instructors:

  1. As soon as your schedule is finalized, and you are confident your schedule will not change, please e-mail your schedule to our office at or bring in a printed copy of your schedule to the Disability Services Office.

  2. Once your schedule is received, we will prepare your accommodation letters for your instructors.

  3. The letters will be completed within 2-4 business days, depending on how many students have submitted schedules previously.

  4. Once completed, you may pick up the letters during our regular business hours.  When you pick up your letters, you will review and sign a summary of the testing and note taking accommodations you will be utilizing for the semester.  Once you have the letters in-hand, it is your responsibility to speak with each of your instructors, individually and privately to discuss the classroom and/or accommodations you require.  The Disability Services Office does not distribute the accommodation letters for you.