Hall Selection Information

The college has a variety of housing options for students with disabilities.

The Moore Complex has fully accessible apartments and suites. Medical singles are located in Porter Hall.  Several residence halls are equipped with elevators for access for persons with physical disabilities. All residence halls are equipped with strobe lights for visual alerts in case of emergencies. Vibration equipment for beds is available upon request.

Students who will require special housing should discuss their needs with the Residence Life office as soon as possible after admission so that proper arrangements can be made.

Single Rooms as a Medical Necessity
A limited number of single rooms are available for students who require such housing because of their disability or medical condition. Assignment to what is referred to as a "medical single" is made after a review of documented need by the Weigel Health Center and the Disability Services Office. Students who require a single room must submit their request and proper documentation from an appropriately licensed specialist who is authorized to make such recommendations to the Residence Life office.

The cost for housing in a single room because of medical necessity is the same as the single room rate.

The college does not provide free housing for attendants or aides.

Students should discuss their need for an accessible housing with the Director of Residence Life.

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