Academic Accommodations
The Disability Services Office coordinates academic accommodations and adjustments as needed based on the documentation provided. Because accommodations needed vary dependent on specific course requirements, the Disability Services Office reviews continuing students' files and meets with students who require accommodation adjustments.

The specific accommodation provided for any student is based on individual, documented need.
Accommodations may include the following:

  1. Note taking assistance
  2. Tape recording lectures
  3. Extended time for exams
  4. Quiet, limited distraction locations for exams
  5. Readers and scribes for exams and projects
  6. Use of adaptive computers, software, and equipment
  7. Alternately Formatted Reading Materials

Assistive Technology
The college has a full range of assistive technology and software for students with disabilities. All computer laboratories are equipped with adjustable computer tables and 19" computer screens. Larger 21" screens are available upon request. Most computer laboratories have ZoomText and other text enlarger software.

Special software and equipment available in the E.H. Butler Library and the Disability Services Office include the following:

  • JAWS for Windows screen reader software
  • Kurzweil 3000 scanning and reading program
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking voice activated software
  • ZoomText screen enlargement software
  • Scanners to work with the above software
  • AVR Listening System
  • Williams Sound Listening System

E. H. Butler Library
The E. H. Butler Library is accessible to students with disabilities. The library has a quiet room with special equipment and software voice input and output software to allow the student full access to the on-line and reader services available in the library. A specially trained reference librarian, Amy Rockwell, is available to provide access to the room and assistance with the software and equipment. Reference librarians will also provide assistance in obtaining materials from the reference and circulating collection of books and journals.

E. H. Butler Library - Special Services for Patrons with Disabilities