All students are required to have advisement and attend orientation
before they are allowed to register for classes.

Orientation for the fall semester is held during the summer. Orientation for the spring semester is held in January. The orientation sessions provide student information about the college, special placement examinations, and advisement for registration. Students who require accommodations during orientation sessions must provide documentation of their needs at least two weeks before they attend orientation.  Orientation Home Page

Advisement is mandatory for all students prior to registration. Students will be assigned an advisor in their major prior to orientation. Students who have not declared a major will be assigned to a special advisor through University College. Students with disabilities should contact the Disability Services Office to discuss their accessibility needs relative to programs and services.

Student Records
Students are able to access their academic records through the on-line Degree Navigator system. A user name and password are necessary to access Degree Navigator. Students who have difficulty using the system because of their disability may receive assistance in the Disability Services Office.

Buffalo State College uses an on-line registration system known as Banner. Students are able to register for classes, drop classes, or adjust their schedule at any time prior to the close of registration through the World Wide Web. Students need a user name and password to access the registration system. Permission to register is granted when all requirements for registration have been met including advisement, proof of immunizations, and satisfactory handling of financial obligations.

NOTE: Students with disabilities who have difficulty accessing the on-line systems because of their disability may receive registration assistance in the Disability Services Office.