There are numerous sources for academic support throughout the campus.  As a student associated with our office, you will learn about the different types of assistance available. 

Tutoring is not an academic accommodation, it is considered academic support, and as such, is not provided by our office.  Tutoring is available from the Academic Skills Center and through the Educational Opportunity Program -- both programs are located in South Wing.

Academic and Classroom Accommodations are administered through the Disability Services Office.  Click on the menu on the left for more detail.

Advisement and registration for undeclared students linked with the Disability Services Office is conducted by University College staff.  It is the student's responsibility to make an appointment for advisement with the The Disability Services Office has a full complement of Assistive technology located in their technology room.  Staff is versed in the use and training of the programs and equipment.  To learn more about how to utilize the assistive technology, call the office and schedule a training session with one of our staff. 

The Butler Library also has the same complement of software and equipment.  Amy Rockwell, is the special services librarian and she is well versed in the use and training of the software and equipment.  Mrs. Rockwell is also a reference librarian, and she is available to work with our students on learning how to properly conduct research. 

The campus Counseling Center offers a variety of specialized programs to assist students with coping with stressors.