• When students first meet with faculty to discuss their need for testing accommodations, and provide them with the accommodation letters prepared by the Disability Services Office, there should also be a discussion of the specific exam procedures for the class.  The Test Cover Sheet serves as an acknowledgment that the faculty member understands and has made plans to administer the tests in accordance with the students’ needs. It must be completed and returned to the Disability Services Office before the first exam can be taken. (download Test Cover Sheet here)  Note: If the student will take the exam with the accommodations provided by the faculty, then no test cover sheet is needed.

  • Students need to be mindful that there is a need to protect the security of the exams, and the sense that the test is secure protects their academic honor. If they are to take the test at the Disability Services Office, the test should be sealed in an envelope before they leave the professor or the department office with it, and there have been several markers put in place to track it and keep it secured all of the time it is in the office, before and after it is given.

  • Exams can also be faxed to our office at 716-878-3804 or emailed to 

  • Scheduling the test: Students are responsible for personally scheduling their examinations if they are taking them with the Disability Services Office.  Students who plan on taking an exam at the Disability Services Office must give three school days notice during the semester for exams, and schedule all final exams at least a week before finals begin so that there are proctors and appropriate accommodations are available and in place for the exam. It is all right to call in this information: 716-878-4500.

    Answering Machine on 24-hours per day
    Student Name
    Date and Time of the Exam
    Accommodations Needed
    Test Arrival/Return Method

  • Late Arrivals: Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after the exam is to begin in the classroom will not be permitted to take the exam without written permission of the faculty member.

  • Alternate Test Times: Sometimes students’ work schedules or other classes require tests to be taken at times other than when the class is schedules to do the exam. To protect the exam security, an alternate time agreement signed by the faculty is needed before the test can be administered in the Disability Services Office.  The agreement is located in the middle section of the test cover sheet.  (See the link above)

  • Open Book or Open Note Exams: There are times when classes are best evaluated by the use of open book/open note exams. The faculty who choose to do this must initial this option on the test cover sheet.  As a further security check, the Disability Services Office staff will contact the professor for verification.   If there is no indication at all noted on the test cover sheet, then no notes or books may be used.  No exceptions.