Strategies in working with students who have a Speech Disorder - Click here to go to the SLH Clinic

  • Buffalo State College is very fortunate to have a resource not usually found on most campuses: a speech/language/hearing clinic. The faculty and graduate students who work in the clinic can provide assistance and referrals for our students who have needs in these areas so that students who have disabilities can be helped to improve their communication skills.

  • The services offered include:
    • Accent reduction – helpful for students who speak English as a second language in both daily and professional communication
    • Stuttering-reduction clinic
    • Hearing evaluation

  • Let the student who has the speech impairment speak at his own pace, giving him a chance to get out the ideas he is trying to express. Making the student feel welcome for office hours or “safe” in speaking in the classroom also can reduce the tension that could make the impact worse. In some cases, it may be acceptable for the student and faculty to communicate via writing rather than in speech. Ask the student first and respond accordingly.