Accommodations for a disability are based on assessment of a student's current need as supported by appropriate documentation. Because student needs may change while enrolled at the college, a student may be requested to provide current evaluation of eligibility as a student with a disability and the need for accommodations.

Do I need new documentation?

When students entered Buffalo State College, they had to have current, relevant documentation of the disability, and accommodations were determined at that time based on the needs and skills of the student.

If a significant change occurs during the time the student is in college that affects the impact of the disability in either the classroom or in a field placement, that requires comment if not new evaluation from the person who has been treating the student. Sometimes this is good news – the disability or its impact is becoming less severe. More often, though, it is news that the condition has caused a deterioration in the capability of the student to do something. Either way, new documentation is needed.