Some students may be eligible for note taking as an accommodation.  Having a note taker does not eliminate the responsibility you have to take notes; it provides you an opportunity to compare your notes with a classmate's to make sure that you have not missed anything vital.  We have established guidelines for utilizing note taking as an accommodation.  You will be required to complete this form for every semester you receive notes from our office.  Click here to download the guidelines form

The documentation must support note taking as an accommodation. 

If you have a note taker assigned for your course, you are responsible for retrieving your notes from your note taker.  Failure to retrieve notes demonstrates a lack of need.  Note taking as an accommodation is reviewed periodically. 

If you need note takers, and are eligible for this accommodation, you will be working with Sumana Silverheels, our Technology Accommodations Coordinator.  She will e-mail you prior to the semester start to find out about your specific note taking needs.  It is your responsibility to monitor and regularly check your Buffalo State College e-mail account throughout the year, as our staff starts matching notetakers and recipients in the summer for the fall start and during winter break for the spring start.

If you are interested in serving as one of our note takers, please e-mail Sumana Silverheels at Once accepted into our note taker provider program, you will be required complete short training exercise on your ANGEL account.