Why do they need more time on an exam? Is that fair?
If a student receives a failing grade on an exam despite staying till the end of the exam period, look at how many questions they completed. If they attempted all of the questions and truly did not know the material, extra time would not mean anything – they were unprepared. However, some students may fail because they attempt too few answers to pass, but most of the questions completed were correct. Giving them a time extension would improve their completion rate and their grade.

What about other accommodations on exams?
Other students may need to have the questions read aloud to readily comprehend what is being asked. That just is not practical in class – it would violate test security and distract other students who need a quiet test site. There are some who cannot mark the answers on the computer opscan sheets but who can read the exam and mark down an answer on a separate answer sheet or mark the exam paper. Conversations about these situations can lead to much better understanding and student confidence as well as valuable support.