ANGEL training is being offered through Electronic Learning in Instructional Resources. ANGEL software has accessibility built into the product, and exams can even be set up with built-in extended time features. For more information, click here for ANGEL.

ANGEL, Buffalo State’s new course management system, will be available for online classes starting spring 2006. Want to test what you have written on the software the students use?

Faculty who are preparing materials for use online are encouraged to test the materials they have prepared on some of the adaptive systems and software housed in the E.H. Butler Library and in the Disability Services office. Newer assistive software will be loaded onto more campus computer lab sites so that students will have better access for its use during the next year.

In the years to come, new technology will be available for students and faculty use. We already have talking scanners that can make copies of text materials, voice-input and voice-output computer software, and devices that enlarge print, show work in 3 dimensions and in color-format changes to help students with processing disorders and vision impairments. High speed scanners can be used to make a vocal reproduction of a text if a student needs a book on tape or on CD or in e-text and it is not available any other way.