Strategies in working with students who have Mobility and Access Issues:

  • Students need to have physical access to programs, services, events, activities, and all other types of experiences as their peers who do not have a disability do. Few spaces on campus are not yet accessible – and some are state of the art. Solutions may be made very easily by consulting with Campus Services, and may be quite inexpensive. Others may take time and expense to complete. Classes may need to be moved, new sites for off-campus experiences and internship-type placements may need to be developed, but solutions can be found.

  • The Disability Services staff ask students to look at the surroundings, classrooms, sites for practica, etc. long in advance of the start of the semester. It is rare that a student discovers they are attending college or participating in a class at the last minute. Working with the Disability Services staff if faculty know they have a student attending in the next semester can make access much easier.