Parent Q & A

What is my role as a parent who has a college student with a disability?

It is imperative that parents remain supportive of the student throughout the college process.  This is a time for students to grow and develop their identities, and they will need a strong support system.

In high school, teachers kept me informed of how my son or daughter was doing.  Will a professor contact me if they are having difficulty in class?

Professors will not contact parents if a student is doing poorly in class.  As adults, students are accountable for their coursework and grades.  Students are expected to communicate with faculty directly regarding their academic progress.

Can I speak with a staff member about my son or daughter’s schedule so that I can help them plan for the semester?

Buffalo State has Academic Advisors that are skilled with providing students with guidance regarding the appropriate coursework they must take.  Parents should speak with the student directly if they have questions regarding their coursework.  If a student is registered with our office they may be eligible for priority registration.

As a parent of a student with a disability, what information is the Disabilities Office authorized to release to me?

In general, under federal and state privacy laws, students in college have the legal right to control access to information about themselves.  All information is confidential and a student’s written permission is required to release to a third party, which includes parents.

Do you have a tutoring program for students with disabilities?

The Disabilities Office refers all students in need of tutoring to the Academic Skills Center.  They are located in South Wing 330 and can be reached at 716-878-4041.

Do you provide training in Assistive technology?

Yes, the technology specialist can provide one-on-one training to students who are registered with our office.

Is public transportation part of the accommodations?

No, the Disabilities Office does not offer public transportation.

Does Buffalo State provide my son or daughter with Financial Assistance for purchasing software or hardware equipment that is needed for his/her study?

No.  However, students are strongly encouraged to register and meet with a VESID (Vocational Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities) or CBVH (Commissions for the Blind and Visually Impaired) Counselor to see if they may qualify for financial assistance to purchase any necessary equipment.  You can contact VESID at 716-848-8001 and CBVH at 716-847-3516.