Resources for Children and their Families

Summer Camp: Are you looking for a summer camp for your school-aged child? Did you know that many of the NY State Worksite Child Care Centers offer summer camp typically for children ages 5 to 12? All of the worksite summer camps are based out of the child care centers, so they are conveniently located at various state sites. The summer camps offer weekly themes to ensure your child will be entertained while gaining knowledge on a variety of topics in a caring environment. For additional details on the 33 worksite child care centers, please visit www.worklife.ny.gov.

Resources for Women and their Families

Breast Cancer Center: For those with metastatic breast cancer - individuals who have been initially diagnosed with Stage IV cancer or who are facing a recurrence

Reproductive Health: Reproductive health, family planning, prevention and health strategies, and a variety of women's health issues impacting reproduction

Susan G. Komen for the Cure: Breast cancer research, health information, support and events from a progressive network of breast cancer survivors and activists

Resources for Men and their Families

Phoenix 5-the Prostate Cancer Information Link: Prevention, causes, symptoms and treatment of prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Foundation: Research and health information and support for prostate cancer


Preventive Screenings
One of the most important ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle in addition to remaining physically active and eating right is to get regular preventive screenings. For more information about what types of screenings are important for your particular health maintenance, see your doctor and ask questions. It just might save your life.  The American Cancer Society recommends these screening guidelines for most adults and the National Cancer Institute provides information on Screening and Testing to Detect Cancer.

Leaves for Cancer Screenings
Screenings for breast cancer and prostate cancer are an important way to ensure good health. At Buffalo State College, we want to make sure you take care of yourself by getting regular health screenings, and we make it easier for you to find time to get important screenings for breast cancer and prostate cancer by providing up to four hours of leave per year for eligible faculty and staff. For more information, visit Paid Leave for Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening.