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Education at Buffalo State

With the largest teacher education program in the region, Buffalo State has a long and distinguished history of preparing teachers for a wide range of classroom settings and grade levels. Education faculty, students, and alumni share their experiences in and out of the classroom in this two-minute video.

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Video Transcript

Leslie Day, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading

"Buffalo State College has been a teachers college since the early part of the 20th century. Buffalo State is unique because of our professional development school consortium, because we've been accredited by our national accrediting organization called NCATE since 1954. We have an outstanding teacher education program that's been recognized locally, statewide and nationally as an outstanding model program for teacher education. You'll also get a lot of specialized, individual help at Buffalo State."

Leslie Day, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading

"The accessibility of the faculty is extraordinary."

Thomas La Russa, B.S. '04, M.S.Ed. '06
Term substitute teacher, Hoover Elementary

"They were there to help you out with anything you needed; they gave wonderful ideas, wonderful feedback. Basically they did anything they could to make you a better teacher."

Ronald Rochon, Dean, School of Education

"We are going to work as hard as possible to make them prepared to serve as responsive, respectful individuals with classrooms. That will prepare children to go out to the community. Within their experience at Buffalo State there will be an experience of reciprocity. They will come and learn and they will also come here and teach."

Sean Witucki, B.S. '02, M.S. '04
Teacher, Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts

"Being able to create a drawing or art work and then being able to teach it are two completely different things. You need to have those skills and knowledge of how to do it but how you relate that to students is completely different and that is what I gained from Buffalo State. Being able to take my knowledge and give it to somebody else and have them take that knowledge and run with it."

Wendy Paterson, Chair and Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading

"Our students begin applying their learning to interactions with children from the very beginning as they take their first classes and shadow master teachers."

Veronica Zaenglein, B.S. '06

"Every experience you have adds up and prepares you more and more for student teaching and for going out into the real world and getting a job."

Wendy Paterson, Chair and Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading

"Being a graduate of our teacher education program helps our teacher candidates get a foot in the door because schools throughout the country know the quality of our teacher education program. Being a Buffalo State graduate helps you land your first teaching job."

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