I think I have bed bugs in my dorm room. What should I do?

The U.S. EPA and Center for Disease Control have issued a joint statement citing this bed bugs as a rapdily increasing problem.  The statement also indicates bed bugs are not known to transmit disease. However, bed bugs are unacceptable to many people.  For guidance and recommended practices to control bed bugs click here.

How can I determine the maximum capacity of a physical space? 

Concerned that your space, whether it be a dining area, spectator area, performance area or classroom is overcrowded?  Our office can provide a professional evaluation of your space and determine the maximum capacity for you. 

My fire extinguisher is missing, damaged or un-checked.  Can you help? 

Our office monthly inspects over 1400 fire extinguishers currently in place in strategic locations throughout campus.  These locations are dictated by local, state and federal laws.  In addition, our discretion is used to be certain that areas are equipped with extinguishers.  Contact EH&S at any time in regards to your concerns about fire extinguishers.

Do I need an asbestos evaluation of my area before I can replace my carpeting? 

Contact EH&S for an asbestos evaluation of the materials that will be impacted by replacing your carpeting.  EH&S will take samples of materials, such as carpet mastic, floor tile, floor tile mastic, cove base, cove base mastic and any other material that may contain asbestos.  An evaluation will be made and the appropiate measures will be taken to ensure the work is performed properly.

How do I dispose of waste chemicals?

Navigate to the Forms link on this site and download the "BSC Hazardous Waste Removal Request Form".  Directions can be found on the second page of the form.