Waste materials are generated on our campus continuously.  Campus services and EH&S work in conjunction with the campus community to recycle these materials.  Below are listed some common wastes and the proper procedures for handling them:


The College recycles office paper, newspapers, magazines and cardboard in blue bins located in all campus offices and lobbies of several buildings.  Confidential documents can also be shredded and subsequently recycled. For this service, contact Business Services at  x3169.


The College recycles computers and other electronic devices.  To dispose of these materials, fill out a surplus form, available from Business Sevices, linked at the left or here.  You may also call Rich Saddleson at x3169.

Ink Cartridges

Our campus works in conjunction with Cartridge World to recycle all ink cartridges.  This includes cartridges from fax machines, ink jet printers, laser printers, copiers, etc.  Cartridges can be dropped off in the appropriate cartridge recycling bin. These bins are located throughout the campus.   Each department has been issued a container. 

If you cannot locate a container, or if you have questions about this program, contact Rich Saddleson or Lauren White x3169.