Universal Waste

Universal waste is a relatively new category of waste materials, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The EPA has specific requirements for the lawful disposal of these materials.  The College has set up programs to provide for proper disposal. 

Some common  materials, now identified by the EPA as universal wastes are:


Our campus has a Battery Recycling Program, located in the Clinton Center.  You may stop by the customer service desk in the Clinton center to drop off Ni-Cd and Li-ion batteries for recycling.  Call EH&S for a pick-up of Lead-Acid Batteries.

Florescent Light Bulbs

Spent fluorescent light bulbs are also universal waste.  These bulbs cannot be thrown in the regular trash.  Instead, they need to be disposed of properly in the correct containers that have been marked with the proper label for disposal.  If you need these containers or labels, contact EH&S at x4038 .

Mercury (Hg) added products

Thermostats, thermometers, medical or scientific instruments, electrical relays and switches, that contain Mercury are also universal wastes. Contact EH&S at x4038  for proper disposal. 


Some products may contain small amounts of pesticides. These materials are also considered universal wastes under the EPA guidelines.  Contact EH&S at x4038  for proper disposal.