Petroleum and other chemicals are stored on site in various quantities for operation and maintenance of Campus facilities.  The oil Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan and hazardous materials Contingency Plan, for preventing and responding to campus hazardous material and petroleum releases, are maintained in the EH&S Office.  Detailed procedures for spill notification, prevention and control are provided on the EH&S Policies and Procedures webpage.

As part of its commitment to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, Buffalo State staff are trained in proper spill prevention and response and spill response equipment are maintained at key locations on campus including the Clinton Center stockroom and boiler plant.  

Here are steps you can take to prevent oil spills and spill migration: 

- Report spills to the University Police Department (UPD) at 878-6333, who will arrange for clean-up proper clean-up; 

- When notifying UPD of a spill, await nearby and alert the spill response personnel to the spill area;

- Check your vehicle for fluid leaks and repair promptly; 

- Practice good housekeeping. Keep walkways and work areas neat and orderly and place litter in trash receptacles; and 

- If a liquid container springs a leak, place it in a larger container.