In 1998, the College administration created the Emergency Response Planning Group (ERPG) to develop and recommend response plans for all types of emergencies.

In addition to facilities-based emergencies (snow storm, flood, etc.) and public safety emergencies (criminals at-large, riots, etc.), the ERPG is now developing responses to medical emergencies, such as a pandemic outbreak.

The ERPG is a conduit for planning information, recommending specific emergency responses to the administration for approval or revision. The ERPG then communicates approved responses to the campus community.

The ERPG works with designees identified in each vice presidential area to define department specific response procedures that address campus priorities.

Members of the ERPG are:

Peter Carey, Chief of Police, ext. 6332
Terry Harding, Director, Campus Services, ext. 6112
David Miller, Director, Environmental Health & Safety, ext. 6113
Cheryl Byer, Assistant Director, Campus Services, ext. 3142

Liaison to ERPG for Pandemic Planning:

Terry Stephan-Hains, Director, Weigel Health Center, ext. 6711