All student organizations must register with the Student Life Office (Campbell Student Union Room 400) every fall.  For Student Life policies and procedures on being recognized or becoming an organization, please reference the Student Organization Handbook.  Once the organization has been approved, Student Life sends Events Management  a copy of the “Recognized Student Organization (RSO)" Registration Form.

All student organizations must complete a new RSO Registration Form every fall semester or as soon as there are any changes to the organization and/or its members.  Events Management will maintain a copy of the form and will not authorize the student group’s use of campus facilities without a current form on file.

Student clubs or organizations that are recognized or funded by the United Students Government must fill out a USG Activity Report before Events Management will proceed with a contract.  Please visit the USG website to find more information about becoming recognized by the organization.

Only Officers of the club or organization are authorized to request campus facilities.  They are to complete a Online Student  Event Request. 

Completion of the Student Event  Request does not guarantee use of the space requested.  Pending the nature of the event, a minimum of two weeks is required to generate contracts, staffing, signatures, etc.  It is recommended that as soon as an organization has identified an event or activity it will be hosting, that it completes a Student Event Application Form.  

The Student Event Request  is reviewed by an events manager and, when applicable, a venue manager.  Events Management will forward a copy of the application to the Performing Arts Center or Sports Complex when appropriate.  A meeting may be required to discuss the event, logistics, costs, support services, etc.

A contract is generated from Events Management.  All contracts require the signatures of one of the student organization’s officers, its advisor, and the USG Business Manager(when applicable).  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all signatures.  Pending location, the advisor may be required to be at the event for its duration.

Greek Organizations may be required to obtain an insurance rider from their National Chapter when liability is an issue.

For events that are using equipment from a vendor non-affiliated with the campus, Events Management will require a one million dollar insurance rider.  It is the student organization’s responsibility to provide Events Management with the company, contact name, and phone number.