The College follows the rules and regulations established by the NYS Liquor Authority, Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, regarding the sale and distribution of alcohol.

  • The sale or distribution of alcohol to any person under 21 years of age is strictly prohibited.  Provisions must be made at all events to insure only persons of legal age consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Any sale or distribution of alcohol on the Buffalo State campus by a non-affiliated organization will require an “Alcoholic Beverage Control Special Permit” (“permit”).  This includes events at which alcohol is sold, given away or is included as part of a package. 
  • Organizations affiliated with Buffalo State who wish to distribute or sell alcohol at events open to the public must obtain a permit. 
  • Affiliated non-student campus organizations may serve beer and/or wine without a permit under the condition that the gathering be closed to the general public and at least one faculty/staff person attend and supervise compliance with state and local laws and the College’s alcohol policy.
  • There are two types of permits applicable to the Buffalo State campus and each application requires fifteen (15) working days for processing: 

1.   A "Catering Permit" is applied for by an on premise licensee (this is a restaurant or bar owner) and gives them permission to furnish alcoholic beverages allowed by their license at events located off the licensed premises.

2.   A "Temporary Beer and Wine Permit" is applied for by a vendor who does not already have a license and allows them to dispense beer and wine at a specific event.

  • It is the policy of Buffalo State that the College may not apply for a permit.  The Buffalo State Foundation may, with the consent of its director, apply for a permit.
  • Any event that offers alcoholic beverages must also have non-alcoholic beverages and food available to participants.
  • Events Management may determine that certain events require the assignment of a University Police officer while alcohol is being distributed.
  • All vendors and caterers are required to abide by the rules established by the College regarding insurance coverage.  Documentation of the required insurance must be received by Events Management prior to the event.
  • Events Management must receive a copy of the alcohol permit prior to the event being held and the permit original must be posted at the event.

Please contact Events Management at 878-6114 with questions or to obtain copies of the necessary forms.