General Rules for Scheduling Events : Definitions of Events : Responsibilities of the Events Management Office : General Guidelines for Facility Use

This policy addresses the use of Buffalo State facilities for campus events other than general classroom academic activities.  The definition of a general classroom academic activity includes:  scheduled classes, labs, performing arts rehearsals and productions.  The intent of this policy is to:  

  1. Maintain consistent scheduling policies and priorities;
  2. Charge consistent fees and generate contracts for use of facilities and services;
  3. Communicate the consistent processes for facility usage outside of scheduled classes;
  4. Minimize scheduling conflicts;
  5. Monitor the number of events simultaneously occurring each day to prevent the overuse of facilities and grounds, and efficiently manage the workload of services personnel. 

General Rules for Scheduling Events: 

As a public institution of higher education, Buffalo State seeks to balance its mission of education with its commitment to cultural, social and economic development of the community to which it is a part of.  The facilities of Buffalo State exist primarily for the purpose of education and are used by its faculty, staff, and students.  However, Buffalo State will make its facilities available to groups and organizations outside the College whose purpose is consistent with the College’s mission.

The College maintains the right to determine which activities are appropriate to be held on the campus.  Events shall in no way violate the purposes, property, policies or regulations of Buffalo State or New York State.  All organizations are expected to follow the rules and regulations governing the particular facility or grounds being used.  Attendance must be on a non-discriminatory basis.

Due to the limited amount of meeting space, users cannot reserve rooms for an extended duration of time.  Scheduling of rooms is on a first-come-first-served basis.  Limited space availability is to be expected when making reservations in close proximity to the event date.

 During the academic year, use of a specific facility within the context of the purpose for which that facility was designed (i.e. gym, performing arts center, classroom, etc.), is given priority as follows:  

  • College Academic Events
  • College Sponsored Events
  • College Related Events
  • Community Events 

In the event a scheduling conflict arises, the Director of the Events Management Office will determine which event will be scheduled. 

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Definitions of Events: 

College Academic Events  are events planned by departments which are directly related to the instructional mission of the College.  Examples of such events include:  regularly scheduled classes and labs; activities resulting from academic courses (rehearsals, college concerts and theatre productions, tutorials, review sessions, seminars and lectures); and faculty/administrative department meetings.

Regularly scheduled classes, labs, faculty/administrative department meetings, are scheduled at the end of the preceding term.  Concerts, theatre productions and seminars that involve booking outside speakers may be scheduled one year in advance.  There are no facility rental fees charged for these events, only direct costs for services such as technician/staffing fees, rental equipment, catering, and extraordinary facilities services.  Contracts may be required for outside speakers/lecturers.  It is recommended that departments contact the Events Management Office for more information on contract requirements. 

College Sponsored Events are events directly related to the on-campus community beyond the classroom (athletic, recreation and student programming activities).  There are three categories of college sponsored events:

  1.  All College Events are major institutional events that have scheduling priority.  Only the President’s Office may classify an event as an All College Event..  Events designated as All College are: 

  • Admission’s Open Houses
  • Commencement
  • Convocations:  Honors,  Academic, EOP
  • Homecoming Weekend
  • Alumni Reunion Weekend
  • First Year & Transfer Student Orientations
  • State of The College Address

These events are scheduled and/or sponsored by faculty, staff, administrative offices or departments.  An All College Event is generally reserved one year in advance.  No additional event will be scheduled during an All College Event without approval of the sponsor or the President.

There are no facility rental fees charged for these events.  However, the sponsoring department is responsible for direct costs for services.  Contracts are required for external performers, speakers, or vendors.

  2.  Student Events are events planned by Student Affairs affiliated departments, student organization recognized by Student Life, the United Students Government (USG), or a student organization recognized by USG.  The events are primarily for members of the college community.  Examples of such events are student organizational and informational meetings, competitions, shows, concerts, and all non-athletic sponsored events and other social activities.

These events may be scheduled one semester in advance and are held during academic semesters until the weekend prior to exam (CEP) week.  There are no facility rental fees charged for these events.  However, the sponsoring department or organization will be responsible for service fees.  Contracts are required for external performers, speakers, or vendors.  USG sponsored events are covered under the United Students Government insurance policy.

  3.  Athletic Events are Intercollegiate Athletics Department activities such as practices, games, and intramurals that are planned primarily for members of the college community.  These events may be scheduled one year in advance (or more depending on collegiate rules), and may be held during academic semesters and winter break.  All other events scheduled in athletic facilities must be coordinated through the Events Management Office, in coordination with the Athletic Department. 

College Related Events are educational conferences and workshops sponsored by faculty or staff that charge a registration fee.  These events may be scheduled one year in advance, and are recognized as a vital part of programming and visibility for the College.

 These events are self-supporting from the respective department or faculty area, and are not affiliated with an outside organization or association.  Such events require sponsoring faculty or staff members to be substantially involved in the planning and implementation of the event.

There are no facility rental fees charged to the sponsor.  The sponsoring faculty of staff department is responsible for all costs related to the events, to include service fees.

Community Events are those programs and activities organized by any business or community group (profit or not-for-profit), not affiliated with the college.  This also includes events that a faculty or staff member may be hosting or organizing, but the college and/or department are not sponsoring. 

Facility rental and service fees will be charged for events held in the Sports Complex, Campbell Student Union, Burchfield Penney Art Center or Performing Arts Center.  A facility utilization fee will be charged for any venue being utilized.  A Contract, Revocable Permit, and Certificate of Liability Insurance are required. 

Events may be scheduled one year in advance.  Community event organizers are responsible for the actions of their participants.      

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 Responsibilities of the Events Management Office

It is the responsibility of the Events Management Office to determine whether events for which facilities are being requested are College Academic Events, College Sponsored, College Related Events or Community Events.  The decision process may include consultation with deans, vice presidents, the president’s office, and other departments that may be directly affected by the event.

Departments are encouraged to request the assistance of the Events Management Office when planning an event.  The Events Management staff will act as liaison between departments or external organizations and the College by:

  1. Scheduling/reserving appropriate venue space. 
  2. Arranging support and auxiliary services when appropriate.
  3. Issuing contracts, revocable permits, and verifying insurance certificates. 
  4. Assisting clients with the process that are necessary to host an event or meeting on campus.

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General Guidelines for Facility Usage

In order to minimize its risk exposure to liability, the College does not allow any facility to be utilized for personal use or gain.

Contracts will be generated for every reservation made through the Events Management Office.

Availability of space varies depending on regularly scheduled academic classes.

All requests for classroom space for the purposes of a regularly scheduled academic class are handled by the Registrar’s Office.

Request of space does not guarantee room availability or confirmation of request.  Events should not be publicized until a confirmation has been issued by the Events Management Office.  If there is a conflict of space, the event scheduled first will have priority over a later request. 

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