The Facilities Planning Department provides planning, design, and construction administration services for renovation, rehabilitation, new construction, and occasionally larger repair projects.  Our goal is to help provide the necessary physical facilities to support other college departments and programs. 

Our staff designs small projects such as classroom renovations which are then turned over to Campus Services staff for college trades-people (carpenters, electricians, etc.) to construct. Bids are accepted for larger projects for which our staff then manages work performed by outside contractors. Major renovations or new building projects are usually managed jointly between our staff and other state agencies such as the Dormitory Authority or the State University Construction Fund and Architectural/Engineering consultants. 

The Facilities Planning Department is usually not involved in ongoing maintenance and repair work such as repainting, replacing carpets, or light fixture repair, etc.  Such work is typically performed directly by the Campus Services Department

Most of our work is planned well in advance to allow projects to be funded throughout the college's five-year capital plan. Requests for renovation work are typically made by department heads, deans, or vice presidents depending on the scope and anticipated cost of the work.

Facilities Planning Department
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