The Parking and Transportation Committee at Buffalo State was formed by recommendation of the ad hoc Parking and Transportation Task Force, which existed from February 2003 through summer 2004. The Task Force determined that a permanent committee would benefit the campus by providing a means to continuously evaluate parking and transportation concerns. The committee would provide continuity for analyzing issues, as well as a mechanism to address comments and suggestions from the campus population.

The Parking and Transportation Committee now operates continuously, and is charged by the Vice President for Finance and Management with:

  1. Forming and discussing possible recommendations of short- and long-term solutions to parking and transportation concerns at Buffalo State in an objective manner
  2. Collecting data as needed in support of the recommendations
  3. Analyzing and utilizing the data to reach consensus
  4. Submitting reports of these recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Management. The President’s Cabinet and the campus population provide subsequent review of, and feedback to, the reports, resulting in a “campus feedback” document to be considered by the committee. 

The committee, chaired by Dr. Wende Mix, has submitted its 2011-2012 annual report  to the Vice President for Finance and Management.  The Vice President thanks Dr. Mix and the committee members for thoughtfully seeking solutions on a demanding topic.

A 2010 presentation (PDF, 9MB) by Jason Schrieber, AICP, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, describes existing parking and transportation conditions at Buffalo State, and offers potential solutions.  It also makes use of best practices from other educational institutions.  The presentation may be viewed in concert with an MP3 recording.