Retention and disposition of official records of the SUNY campuses are governed by the New York State Arts and Cultural Affairs Law.  Official records must be retained and disposed of in compliance with two schedules:

  • State University of New York Records Retention and Disposition Schedule ("the SUNY Schedule") for education and SUNY-specific records.  For helpful information on how to use the SUNY Schedule, please review this Introduction.

  • General Retention and Disposition Schedule  ("the General Schedule") for New York State government records

Please follow these steps to comply with SUNY's policy on records retention and disposition:

1. Understand what materials qualify as records, and retain them in accordance with the applicable schedules.  (You may wish to use the inventory worksheet provided by NYS Archives to determine what records are in your files.)

2.  On an annual basis, identify records in your area that may be ready for disposition.

3.   Consult the appropriate schedule(s):

             --  SUNY Schedule for education and SUNY-specific records

             --  General Schedule for New York State government records

4.  Match your records to the schedules to confirm that disposition is called for.  Identify records that have exceeded their minimum retention periods.

5.   Document the records you plan to dispose of using the Certificate of Destruction, and obtain supervisory approval.

6.  Submit the original Certificate of Destruction to the campus's Records Management Officer and keep a copy for your records. Certificates of Destruction should be submitted by July 15 each year, reflecting records destruction activities during the preceding academic year.

7. Using a permanent method of destruction such as shredding, dispose of the records that have exceeded their retention periods.  For large quantities of records, the Business Services Office can assist with shredding.

For help in determining whether your records contain archival material that must be maintained permanently, please contact the College Archivist. For other questions about records retention and disposition, please contact Jill Powell, Records Management Officer.  Thank you!