The Niagara Frontier Transit Authority (NFTA) serves Western New York by providing daily bus and rail service.  NFTA schedule and fare information is available here.

Services for Buffalo State Undergraduate Students

The NFTA Buffalo State Student Transit Pass program provides undergraduate students with unlimited access to the NFTA Metro Bus and Rail System, including the #206 campus circulator.  A Student Transit Pass, along with a current Buffalo State photo ID card, is required to use any of the services. Transit Passes may be picked up from E.H. Butler Library.  

Services for Buffalo State Faculty and Staff

NYS-Ride is a program that allows New York State employees to save money on eligible public transportation expenses by paying for the costs on a pre-tax basis through biweekly payroll deduction. By enrolling in NYS-Ride, Buffalo State faculty and staff members can save money on work-related transportation expenses while supporting a greener Western New York region.

Faculty and staff members and campus visitors may use the campus circulator for a $2 fare.