1. How do I get to Buffalo State?

Here is complete information to help you plan your visit to Buffalo State, including driving directions. For GPS, please use the campus mailing address:  1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY  14222.  An interactive map is located here.

2. Do I need a permit to park on campus?

With the exception of paid visitor parking in the metered lots (B-1, C, and X, and L-2), permits are required 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.  Most staff lots convert to student lots after 4:00pm (Lot W is 5:30pm).   Please look for the signage at the entrance to each lot to verify that you can park there.

3. How do I obtain a parking permit?

Students may obtain their parking permits in the Parking Services office, Chase Hall 126, through the first week of the semester. Permits obtained during this time will be billed to students' accounts.  After the first week of school, permits may be obtained at the Student Accounts Office, Moot Hall. Faculty and staff may obtain their parking permits at the Student Accounts Office, Moot Hall.

4. Where can visitors park?

Parking meters are available in Lots B-1, C, L-2, and X and are strictly enforced from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.   Visitors also may obtain free temporary parking permits from the Parking Services Office or University Police for use in student lots.

Individuals invited to campus by a campus department or office are required to display a temporary permit when parking on campus. Permits should be obtained through the inviting department in advance of arrival.

One-day temporary permits also are available for students and staff. Temporary permits are valid only in lots specified on the permit. Temporary permits are not valid in reserved spaces, those designated for maintenance vehicles, or metered areas.

5. Commuter students often say they have trouble finding a parking place on campus. Where should they park?

Although there is an adequate number of parking spaces available, similar to other universities, parking may not be available as close as you would prefer to your campus destination.  Lot M, located across Grant Street, offers available parking 99 percent of the time.  Additionally, the MGC Direct runs on an approximate seven-minute loop; simply wait at the covered shelter located in Lot M, and the shuttle will drop you to Cleveland Circle, Lot C.

Lot F no longer accommodates overnight parking which will allow commuters the opportunity to park closer to the center of the campus.

6. What transportation service does Buffalo State offer to students?

The NFTA Buffalo State Student Transit Pass program provides students with unlimited access to the NFTA Metro Bus and Rail System plus the  #206 campus circulator.  Details regarding the routes and schedules may be found at the NFTA Web site.

A Student Transit Pass, along with a current Buffalo State photo ID card, is required to use any of the services. Transit Passes may be picked up at E.H. Butler Library. Faculty, staff, and campus visitors may use the NFTA campus circulator shuttles at a cost of $2 per ride.

7. I’m concerned about my safety, especially at night, on campus.  What types of services does Buffalo State provide to accommodate the campus community?

Safe escort programs, available free of charge to all students, faculty, and staff, provide a walking companion or a safe ride on campus.

Walking Escorts
A personal escort to your car or residence hall can be requested by calling University Police at 878-6333, extension 6333 from a campus phone, or  via  blue-light phone. University Police officers wear gray uniforms with name badges; University Police Student Assistants (UPSA) wear bright red shirts, jackets, and ID tags. Each UPSA carries a police radio to stay in touch with the University Police dispatch center.

Safe Escort Shuttle and Van
MGC Direct is a free express shuttle service connecting students, faculty, and staff who park in outlying lots along Rockwell Road and Letchworth Street to the center of campus. The MGC Direct picks up riders in Lots M and G and takes them directly to Lot C—also known as the Cleveland Hall circle—from 8:30am – 4:30pm when classes are in session.

The overnight escort shuttle operates from 4:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. seven days a week when classes are in session and provides late-night service to all parking lots and most buildings. To catch this free evening shuttle, wait at a blue-light phone along the route.

8. Help!  My car has a flat tire and won’t start!

If your car won't start, just call (716) 878-6333 or use a blue-light phone to request free motorist assistance. We'll try to get you going by sending the MAP van to help with minor car problems, such as flat tires and drained batteries.

9. I’m a resident student and I have visitors coming for the weekend. Where can they park?

Weekend or overnight visitors can park in any student lot designated for overnight parking (Lots G, M, or R). Overnight parking rules are enforced all year round; signs are posted in respective lots. All visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit from Parking Services or University Police, located in Chase Hall.

10. Are resident freshmen and sophomores allowed to bring cars?

Resident freshmen and sophomores are not allowed to bring vehicles on campus.  For additional information, and reasons for exemption, please click here.

11. I have two different vehicles that I drive to campus occasionally.  Can I obtain a second permit?

Additional parking permits may be purchased for a fee.  Valid vehicle registration must be presented for both vehicles in order to obtain the second permit.  Both registrations must show the individual’s current address.

12.  I am driving a different vehicle than usual to campus today.  What do I do?

Because your parking permit is not transferable among vehicles, you may obtain a one-day temporary parking permit at Parking Services or University Police, Chase Hall.  If your visit is short term, you may also utilize the metered parking areas of Lots B-1, C, X, or L-2. 

13.  I received a parking citation. How can I pay it?

Parking citations may be paid by credit card at Parking Services, Chase Hall 126, or by other methods of payment at Student Accounts, Moot Hall.

14. Can I appeal my parking citation?

Your may appeal a citation within 30 days of issuance by completing the bottom of the parking citation and returning it to the Parking Services office.  The office will notify you of the date and time of your hearing.

15. What are the hours for the Parking Services Office (Chase Hall 126)?

The office is open 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, with extended hours to 6 p.m. on Thursdays.  You may call Parking Services at 716-878-3041 or Student Accounts at 716-878-4121 for additional information.