Would you like to use the car?

Car sharing is an innovative, sustainable transportation solution that reduces the number of vehicles on the road and lowers emissions.  It also relieves drivers of the costs and responsibilities of car ownership.  

Buffalo CarShare allows its members to reserve vehicles by the hour, at locations throughout the city. To share a car, a Buffalo CarShare member books a reservation, accesses the vehicle with an electronic key fob, and, when finished borrowing the vehicle, returns it to the pick-up location, ready for the next member to share.

Buffalo CarShare at Buffalo State

Buffalo State is very pleased to announce that it has become a Buffalo CarShare partner.  Two 2013 Buffalo CarShare vehicles -- a Toyota Prius and a Kia Soul -- are now located at Buffalo State.  One is in Lot C near Cleveland Hall and the other is in Lot M-2 near the pedestrian spine, for the convenience of the campus and neighboring communities. 

Please visit Buffalo CarShare's "Sign-Up" page for information about becoming a member.  

If you refer a new member, you'll  receive a $20 driving credit.  Please contact Buffalo Car Share for details.

All Buffalo State faculty, students and staff who registered with CarShare
before March 17 were entered into a drawing to win $100 in Bengal Bucks. 
Buffalo State joins Buffalo CarShare in congratulating the winner,
student Ohanes Kalayjian (pictured above).