Undergraduate Students
SUNY policy requires that every two years, the student body at state-operated campuses such as Buffalo State "determine by referendum whether student activity programs shall be supported by either voluntary or mandatory student fees."  The student-managed referendum is held on the same day as the annual elections for officers of Buffalo State's United Students Government (USG).

Buffalo State's current, mandatory student activity fee supports a wide variety of programs for the benefit of students. They include:

  1. Programs of cultural and educational enrichment
  2. Recreational and social activities
  3. Tutorial programs
  4. Student publications and other media
  5. Student services to supplement or add to those provided by the University
  6. Campus-based scholarships, fellowships and grant programs that are administered by the campus or a campus affiliated organization

The SUNY policy on student activity fees contains a complete list of allowable programs.

Graduate Students

A mandatory graduate student fee was approved during fall 2012 by more than 76% of voting students. The budget created by this fee will provide:

  1. Support for research and scholarship
  2. Participation in professional organizations
  3. Travel expenses for professional purposes
  4. Professional development opportunities